15 Hardworking Cats Who Are The Best At Their Jobs

1. This retail worker who has to deal with you walking in around closing time:

2. This door guard who won’t accept anything other than a treat as your ID:

3. This cat who works part-time as a lamp:

4. This key keeper who dabbles in part-time mousekeeping:

5. This full-time pest control:

6. This security guard who definitely didn’t write this sign:

7. This worker who greets you at the drive-thru to make your restaurant experience a little better:

8. This doctor who works hard to avoid medical CAT-astrophes:

9. This student who’s working hard to become the number one mouse researcher:

10. This line judge who’s doing their best:

11. This corporate worker who goes beyond their expected 9 – 5:

12. This lab technician who’s hard at work:

13. This IT worker who’s fed up with having to remind people to change their passwords every few months:

14. This top-notch store security who isn’t afraid to call you out:

15. This phone holder who works hard so that you can watch your movies in comfort:

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