7 Cats Who Attempted To Perform A Jump, But Didn’t Even Come Close

Habitually, our feline friends can channel the amusements of their jungle-dwelling, tree-climbing ancestors to make almost gravity-defying jumps. These are not those cats. Luckily, their ability to land on their feet and receive impact makes them practically immune to fall damage. So rest assured, it’s okay to laugh. No kitties were harmed in the making of these videos.

1. Mr. Skimbles Slips:

We’ve all tried to get up in the morning only to discover we’re too sleepy. So we give a half-hearted effort to roll out of bed, only to stop and fall back into the sheets. Mr. Skimbles feels the same way. After a tired yawn, he tries for an easy jump, only to think better of it halfway through. The result is that he plummets like an orange, fluffy stone.

2. Siamese Supercat:

This kitty’s brave attempt to leap from building to building would do Catwoman proud, but the execution leaves much to be desired. The Siamese cat has taken the internet by storm, appearing in gifs, memes, and remixes set to epic soundtracks. It stands out as an example of setting your sights high but falling very, very short. Again, don’t worry. The cat was fine and ran off after landing.

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