A Women’s Transformation To Be Angelina Jolie

Sahar Tabar is a 19-year-old Iranian woman who loves Angelina Jolie. idolizes Angelina Jolie so much she wants to look just like her. In her quest to achieve this goal, She’s reportedly undergone over 50 reconstructive surgeries and lost over 80 pounds.

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On Instagram, Sahar has less than 40 posts, but almost 300,000 followers, which is pretty impressive. Maybe she was just after fame, and going viral with photos of her shocking transformation brought her happiness. But I still have so many questions: How did she pay for these surgeries? Why didn’t any plastic surgeons refuse service, given her young age? Are these surgeries really real, and not some elaborate prank? Also, what did Sahar look like before all these surgeries?

Well, we have an answer to the last question, at least:

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