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Are you ready? Here is What Facebook, Google, And Twitter Know About You.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg desires you to grasp that your information is vital to his company. during a Wall Street Journal op-ed revealed weekday evening, Zuckerberg set out why Facebook collects information to use for advertisements and the way it permits you to manage that data.

The op-ed is supposed to elucidate however and why Facebook collects data regarding its users: It lets the corporate sell ads and keeps the service absolve to customers.

Zuckerberg’s op-ed comes at a vital moment. during a recent church bench center survey, seventy-four p.c of Facebook users same they’d no concept that the corporate categorizes their interests supported their actions on the social network.

Facebook isn’t the sole company that makes these types categorizations. Google and Twitter follow an equivalent formula. Thankfully, the 3 corporations conjointly provide you with a method to check however these services read you and allow you to cop out of getting your knowledge used in any respect.

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