Couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Won Valentine’s Day With A Literal Tunnel Of Love

Kylie Jenner got the foremost lovely gift from reported groom-to-be Travis Scott which will make everybody reading this story very jealous. In an Instagram video, she showed off ostensibly endless arches fabricated from roses that cause a pink neon heart.

Last year, Scott additionally stuck to the classic rose motif and had lavish bouquets placed everywhere her home. the 2 look additional enamored than ever and may even be engaged. Or they already are however are keeping things quiet (the boomerang way). the 2 were reported to own gotten engaged at the Super Bowl, and doctor wore some suspiciously huge gloves at the Grammys. I hear wedding bells!

Travis Scott gave Kylie Jenner her Valentine’s Day gift early, and it’s super sweet.


Kylie Jenner published this video to her Instagram account a story showing that Valentine’s Day came early for her and boyfriend Travis Scott. The room was entirely pink, and an archway of flowers lead her down a literal tunnel of love toward a neon pink heart.

It looks like Scott really loves roses. This is what was waiting for Jenner last Valentine’s Day.


Roses and candles were all over the floor, furniture, and stairway of Jenner’s home last year. She captioned the image with “hell of a way to end the night?

And the couple has even more to celebrate; their daughter’s first birthday just passed, too.


Little Stormi Webster just celebrated her first birthday, and she had the party of the century. A blow-up of her face was used as the venue’s entrance, which is a shout out to her father’s latest album.

Jenner even hinted she wanted to have another baby, but that likely just a fun joke.

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baby #2?

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Jenner published a picture of her embracing Scott and captioned it: “baby #2?” She could have been jokingly referring to Travis in the picture, but plenty of fans would love to see the couple have another kid. Stormi is really dang cute, after all.

Nevertheless, pregnancy rumors continue to swirl again. Kendall Jenner’s had to shut them down on multiple occasions.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the model addressed rumors that the couple plans on having another kid. She said they’re “practicing” and that she’s not sure if the couple is engaged.

If Jenner is pregnant, it’s unlikely she would tell us. Again.

Jenner hid her pregnancy from the hungry public eye until days after Stormi was born simply by wearing oversized clothes and avoiding public appearances. She does like to hint at things like her possible engagement, but I doubt this is the way she would tell us.

Fans still think she’s engaged. They noticed the strange oversized gloves she wore to the Grammys.

People are still convinced that the couple got engaged sometime around the Super Bowl and that they have just been hiding the evidence since. These oversized gloves Jenner wore to the Grammys could certainly conceal a ring, right?

But maybe they did get engaged and we just missed the evidence.

photo: Instagram/TravisScott

Scott recently posted a picture on his Instagram story of Jenner with a big rock on her left ring finger.

She had a ring on that finger at Stormi’s recent birthday party, too.


We won’t know for sure if the couple is engaged until they actually tell us, but that can’t stop fans from trying to figure it out in advance. Another clue to the couple’s possible engagement? Jenner was also seen wearing a ring in this shot from her daughter’s birthday party.

Jenner’s sisters sure did act weird the last time they were asked about it.

When Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian were on Watch What Happens Live they were asked if they think Jenner is going to get engaged. Khloé and Kourtney stayed quiet, but Kim hesitated before she said, “I think they will.”

The couple has been talking about getting married for quite some time. Scott’s already publicly stated his desire to propose.

The couple has been talking about getting married for quite some time. Scott’s already publicly stated his desire to propose:


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Travis Scott said that he wants to propose in a “fire way.” That is what initially led fans to think he would do so at his Super Bowl half time show.

And then, there are the rumors that the couple is already married.

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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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She posted a picture of herself with Stormi when she had just turned one month old. In the picture, she wore a simple gold band around her left ring finger. The evidence is piling up!

Jenner already calls Scott “hubby,” anyway — we’d call him “hubby,” too if he gave us a Valentine’s Day gift that elaborates.

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extraño a mi esposo

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Maybe it’s just a cute nickname for now, but Jenner has been calling her man “hubby” in a few social media posts. The caption on this post translates to “I miss my husband.”



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