Famous YouTuber Twins Had To Tell Their Fans Not To Come To Their Dad’s Funeral

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, 19-year-old twins who have built up millions of followers on YouTube since they burst onto the Vine scene in 2013, have had to tell their fans not to go to their father’s funeral after trolls started a campaign urging people to attend.

The Dolan twins announced the passing of their father Sean, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, on Sunday. Both Ethan and Grayson said in tweets that they would be taking some time off from social media to be with family.

A few days later, posts on Instagram and Twitter began to surface about the whereabouts and timing of the funeral.

A now-deleted Instagram account uploaded two notes on Sunday, saying the obituary for Sean would soon be uploaded “as soon as the funeral home posts it”. By Wednesday, the hashtags #SeanDolanFuneral and #SeanDolanMeetupParty had taken off and other Twitter accounts had emerged promising to tweet out the location of the funeral.

Many of the Dolan twins’ fans on YouTube were quick to criticise anyone talking about attending the funeral.

And some have gone so far as post public service announcements about why fans shouldn’t attend.

Over the last few days, trolls have begun latching onto both hashtag campaigns, promising things like Taco Bell, merchandise, and free car rides to the funeral.


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