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How And When To Tell Someone You’re Dating That You Have Depression

Couples in healthy relationships should feel safe to talk honestly about their depression or other struggles with mental illness.

If you have depression, opening up to the people in your life about the condition can be healing. But it isn’t always easy, especially when that person is someone you’re newly dating.

Although awareness about depression is increasing, the condition is still misunderstood by some. Depression manifests differently in different people, but symptoms may include prolonged and pervasive feelings of sadness and hopelessness, a loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities, a lack of energy that makes even small tasks seem impossible and sleep issues, like insomnia or sleeping too much. Some people also deal with angry outbursts, frustration, and agitation.

Explaining all of this to a person you’re still getting to know can be nerve-wracking because you never know how they might react.

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