If you love cats, follow these Instagram accounts immediately

Hunting on Instagram for your internet cat fix? Look no further! Here are eight of the most feline-friendly accounts on Instagram.


Because cats who think that they are hiding are the best cats of all.


Because of that tongue! That adorable, precious pink tooooongue!


Because this guy is as close to being a cartoon as a living cat could ever be.


The only time I ever look small is in daddy’s arms #fatboyklaus

A post shared by KLAUS (@bigkittyklaus) on

Because you can feel just how cuddle worthy he is through the screen!


I’m hoping for some world domination today. #GermanyVsUSA #WorldCup

A post shared by Colonel Meow and Friends (@colonelmeowandfriends) on

Because when his plan for domination is enacted, you want to be on his good side.


Because Maru does not understand how boxes work.


#tbt to Extremely Close and Incredibly Worried.

A post shared by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on

Because a cat with eyebrows is the only thing funnier than a regular cat just hanging out.


ヘアバンド風に。 のん「なんかちがーう」

A post shared by のんた / ぼー (@utacci) on

Because she is almost too cute.

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