If You Put Your Phone Away At This Restaurant You’ll Get Free Pizza

Yes, It's working.

The Curry pizza Company is giving teams of 4 or a lot of people discounts on pizza for putting their phones away whereas they eat.

The CA restaurants tell its patrons that if you lock your phones away once you sit down for a meal, you will get a certificate for a free massive plain dish. you’ll be able to take advantage of the spot and take the pizza home with you or claim it on your next visit.

“Our goal is to urge families/friends to prevent victimization their phones whereas consumption and check with one another and communicate a lot of,” the eating house wrote during a Facebook post. “If you prefer, you’ll receive a free massive (per group) on your next visit (must be a minimum of twenty-four hours) otherwise you will gift your free massive dish to the poor.”

A co-owner of the eating house came up with the thought once he reduced his own phone use reception to pay longer together with his children and lead by example. the corporate says it’s given away forty to fifty pizzas since the giveaway started. so as to urge the free pizza, teams should have a minimum of four folks in it — all with smartphones.

Along with giving freely forty to fifty free pizzas to people vying for the discount, the eating house same it offers away further fifty to sixty pizzas to the homeless each different week.

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