Look! How Much Better Is Yoga If You’re High?

Heightened senses, increased cognizance, a sense of lightness… wait, area unit we have a tendency to talking a couple of post-yoga savasana or obtaining stoned? On the surface, pot and yoga seem to be a reasonably natural match (and it is not like this is often the primary time folks have mixed weed and dealing out). however, do yoga academics truly advocate toking up whereas your downward dog?

Of course, some yogis suppose it is a dangerous plan.
Concern numero uno is safety: smoke alters the receptors in your brain and body that regulate pain, emotions, and memory (… and appetite). So yes, hurling yourself into a gymnastic exercise whereas your motor skills are not on their A-game is maybe a foul plan. Similarly, if you battle panic attacks and anxiety, marijuana will enlarge those feelings—so sitting cross-legged and alone together with your thoughts might find yourself doing a lot of hurt than sensible.

Kino Robert MacGregor, an associate degree Ashtanga yoga teacher, says she totally supports marijuana legitimation for medical and recreational uses, however, she conjointly acknowledges potential downsides. “So many of us come back to yoga to heal habit-forming behaviors that I realize it difficult to advocate yoga that mixes drug use with observe,” she says. “Anyone will use the substance as associate degree break loose facing troublesome emotions and thoughts.” Robert MacGregor believes it’s harmful to the religious endeavor of yoga, that asks the North American nation to seem deeply at ourselves to achieve freedom from previous patterns. “Sometimes medicine mask reality and provides you simply enough sensible vibes to coast through life while not facing your stuff.”

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