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Photos of an Elderly Couple That Will Make You Believe In Love

Love rises above time and can live perpetually in the hearts and recollections of its occupants. In any case, in the present time, when love is mean and connections are dispensable, it is uncommon to see a dependable relationship as yet reflecting only love and veneration for one another. Look down in the event that you need to get a glimmer of the great couple!

This masterpiece of a photo shoot was a performance and improvisation on the set. The creator behind this is a Russian photographer, Irina Nedyalkova. This photo shoot took the internet by storm and got an extremely positive response! And why shouldn’t it? It is, after all, the showcase of the purest form of love.

The fortunate man and lady are Sergei, who is 65-years of age, and Valentine, who is 62. They made a wonderfully romantic tale which made everybody on the set cry and gags without anyone else feels. Parchment away and you will thank trendhis for conveying these photos to you! Appreciate!

Irina Nedyalkova

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