TenThings You Should Know About The Norwegian Forest Cat Before You Get One

In case you’re searching for a feline companion with a spectacular look, the Norwegian Forest Cat has everything it must charm you on the spot. But, before obtaining such a cat, there are some fascinating facts it’s value knowing regarding.

So, there could be a list with ten facts that may assist you to confirm whether or not this breed of cat is true for your style.

1. They are fearless furry warriors

While it is almost impossible to track the origins of the Norwegian Forest Cat back to where it all began, many think they have something in common with the cats of the Vikings or Crusaders.

The Vikings used short haired cats, with a black and white coat, on their boats, in order to get rid of mice.

It is believed that these cats mixed with the long-coated cats brought by the Crusaders. If this is true, the present day Norwegian cats are the descendants of two types of warrior cats.

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