TenThings You Should Know About The Norwegian Forest Cat Before You Get One

6. They don’t need a coat to go on during cold winter days

This is a cat that was designed to withstand the cold winters of Norway, so it has absolutely no problem exploring the outdoors on cold weather. Besides having a long and thick coat, this cat is naturally equipped with a warm undercoat as well.

Also, its fur is capable of repelling water, keeping the cat warm even when the weather goes bad. And its toes and ears are tufted with soft fur as well, making them more than ready to tackle the cold temperatures.

7. They can be prone to developing certain health problems

Because we are talking about modern cats, there are certain health problems that affect this breed more than other breeds of cats. As a future owner of a Norwegian Forest Cat, you must be well aware of this fact and know the risks.

Thus, hip dysplasia, hereditary heart problem, and a condition that causes glycogen, which is a complex sugar, build-ups in cells of the cat’s body, are among the most common. You need to know about them because you may have to manage the vet bills that will be generated by health problems.

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