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This Is How wedding photographers know a marriage won’t last

One of the important parts of wedding outlining — in joining to deciding on a location, venue, officiant, and managing a million little details — is choosing a photographer. According to Wedding Wire, most couples spend an average of $2,000 on wedding photography, and the photographer usually accounts for about 12 percent of peoples’ wedding budgets.

In addition to using a photographer to document the marriage day, many couples choose to do an engagement session with the same photographer they’ve hired for their wedding. As a result, he or she will wind up seeing a lot of their clients — which, in turn, means that they have a front-row seat to the dynamics between the couple, their families, friends, and any drama that ensues. Over the years, many wedding photographers have developed a keen eye for the factors that get marriages off to a bad start. Read on to hear what they’ve learned!

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