Toddler Holds His Puppy For The First Time. His Reaction Surprised Even Mom

Surprised with a new puppy, little JJ wrapped his arms around his new friend, and let mom know exactly how he felt. It was an extremely happy moment for JJ to have a puppy of his very own, and when he got to hold him for the first time, he couldn’t let go for a single moment. He named his puppy Jax, and they instantly became best friends.

Rocking Jax back and forth, JJ displayed his overwhelming joy over his new gift. Mom knew that JJ would take great care for Jax and loved seeing him show such delicate care for him already. Though JJ is just a toddler, he already shows great responsibility for his new dog. They will have so many years together playing, growing, and having fun.

JJ’s giant smile got buried somewhere in the soft black and white fur, but his sparkling eyes told his love for Jax without saying a single word. Mom couldn’t taker her eyes off this adorable pair, and was thankful she recorded the moment as a keepsake. It won’t be long before the two of them are chasing each other around the house.

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