Controversy over Michelle Obama’s Egyptian queen depiction

Nairobi, April 30, A Michelle Obama’s Egyptian queen wall mural depiction has sparked debate over the internet. Chris Devins’ artwork is painted on a building in Chicago.

The original artwork by Gelila Mesfin

The Michelle Obama’s Egyptian queen mural is in the neighborhood where she grew up. This artwork would probably have been as popular as the subject depicted. However, shortly after installation right across the street where Michelle attended her elementary school, criticism abound from all corners.

Chris Devins has been accused of copying the work of Gelila Mesfin, a student of art from Rhode Island. The great resemblance goes beyond being a mere coincidence though Devins insists he did have knowledge over the existence of the original.

A photograph of Michelle Obama by Collier Schorr

Ms Mesfin on her part had designed the artwork based on a photograph by Collier Schorr published in New York Times’ magazine. The great difference perhaps is that Ms Mesfin gave credit to the photographer while Devins claimed the mural was his right from inception.

“Good artists copy; great artists steal” this aphorism is ascribed to the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Chris Devins just did master theft on the Michelle Obama’s Egyptian queen painting and Mesfin copied Schorr’s photograph.

The mural in Chicago by Chris Devins

On her part, Mesfin requested people to keep it positive towards Devins adding “I preach love, not anger or hate of any kind.” She hopes that they’ll resolve the matter professionally. Well, this is art and you never know where inspiration may begin or end.

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