Where To Find The Perfect Product For Amazon in 2018

As an Amazon seller you have a large variety of tasks. First you have to find the right products to sell, you have to source them, create product images, a listing, monitor your rankings, pay per click campaigns, competitors, stock and much more. Multiply this by the number of products you have and it can quickly become overwhelming. Even if you can manage just fine now – wouldn’t you like to invest your time into expanding your business, rather than running the mundane day-to-day operations?

If you want to let an expert Amazon agency handle some aspects of your business, you’ve got to choose carefully. You can concentrate on your main skill set and save time for more important things.

Viral Launch focuses on product launches and has done over 10,000 of them. They can help drive calculated traffic during the launch phase, as well as help to sell the product better with professional product photography and package and label design.

Since Amazon has recently banned incentivized reviews, it is even more important to find alternative ways to motivate customers to leave a review after purchasing. One possibility that Viral Launch uses is through an email follow-up sequence. They do not yet support Sponsored Products management, however.

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